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Join "B'nei Aliya" of all ages for a journey to the Tzadikim. We will travel together as a group spending this "Five Day Hisvaadus" of Tefillah, Torah, Connecting to the Holocaust sites, Dibuk Chaveirim, and Uplifting Ruach.

We have scheduled to coincide with winter breaks in Yeshiva and Universities in the US to enable students to join this amazing journey ‘on the way’ bederech to Eretz Yisrael. This is our 3rd Bederech/Tzama Nafshi journey and it is shaping up to be our best ever. New for this year – the Kever of the Baal Hatanya!


Thursday January 10

  • Arrive in Kiev
  • Dinner and a Sheves Achim in Berdychev
  • Visit the Kever of Rav Levi Yitzchak zy"a

Friday January 11

  • Shacharis in Berdychev
  • Learning and Breakfast
  • Kever Achim of Berdychev
  • Travel to Medzbyzh for Shabbes
  • The "Maayan" of the Baal Shem Tov

Shabbos In Mezhibuzh - Motzei Shabbos

  • Shepitovka – Kever of Rebbe Pinchas of Koretz
  • Melave Malka in Annopole by the Rebbe Reb Zusha and the Maggid of Mezerych

Sunday January 13

  • Breslov – Rebbe Nosson of Nemirov
  • Uman – The tzion of Rebbe Nachman of Breslev
  • Tikun Chatzot, and Travel to Hadyach

Monday January 14

  • Shachris by the Baal HaTanya
  • Chabura in the writings of the Baal HaTanya
  • Seudas Preida
  • Depart to Tel Aviv

The Details

Travel Options

  • Tel Aviv – Kiev and back – Leaving Tel Aviv Thursday, Jan. 10th at 2:30pm and returning Tuesday night (on an 8:30pm flight) – Ukranian Air.
  • 2) New York – Kiev –round trip (via Kiev) The Flight will leave JFK Wednesday night (Thursday morning) at 12am. The groups will meet together in Borispol International Airport. On Jan. 14th both groups will fly to Tel Aviv together. The return flight to New York (JFK) will be from Tel Aviv, on Sunday morning, January 27th. (The option of working on alternate plans of travel is also a possibility – to be worked out with our travel Agent)


  • From Tel Aviv - $1,100 until Nov. 1, after Nov. 1st price will be raised to $1250.
  • From New York - $2,100 until Nov. 1, after Nov. 1st price will be raised to $2250.

The Costs include:

  • Ukranian Air round trip flight from JFK to Israel via Kiev or Tel Aviv to Kiev round trip
  • Lodging and all meals
  • Transportation in new, comfortable buses to all destinations
  • Entrance fees, guides & educational map and materials
  • Shabbat in Medhbyzh
  • Does not include travel Insurance (please purchase in USA)

Please note:

  • If you are not an Israeli/US/UK/Canadian citizen you may need a visa to enter Ukraine. It is your responsibility to obtain a visa if you are not an Israeli/US/UK/Canadian citizen. For Example.- South African & Australian citizens require a visa to enter Ukraine.
  • “Registration fee does not include any additional security or additional “fuel surcharges” by the airline announced immediately before departure, that are not known at this time. Transportation to and from Ben Gurion airport is also not included.
  • Payment via US credit card may be subject to a 3% transaction fee.