The founders of Tzama Nafshi Rav Judah & Ora Mischel, live in Ramat Beit Shemesh with their eight children.

Rav Judah is Executive Director of Camp HASC, the Jewish community’s premier summer program for individuals with special needs, and is the newly appointed Mashpiah of OU-NCSY.

Prior to assuming a full time role at Camp HASC, Rav Judah was a Maggid Shiur & Director of Programing at Yeshivat Reishit in Beit Shemesh. A talmid of Yeshivat Shaalvim, he received Semicha from the Jerusalem Rabbinate, a BA in History from Yeshiva University, an MA in Education from YU’s Azrieli Graduate School, and was a Graduate Fellow at the CUNY Center for Coexistence at the School for Public Affairs. Rav Judah was Director of Student Activities and a member of the Judaic Studies faculty at the Frisch School, in Paramus, NJ, and led Aish HaTorah Jerusalem’s Return & Learn Program.

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